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Cargo Bike Toddler Seats now Available

One of our most asked questions is ‘from what age can children ride in a cargo bike’. This is a question that does not have a black and white response as there are many factors at play.  In European countries where cargo biking is extremely popular, babies are carried home from hospital in a cargo bike. Unfortunately Australia’s strict helmet laws make this not possible (legally) in Australia, although we’ve seen some inventive solutions from …

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Choosing the right kid’s bike. A parent’s perspective

I love bikes! You generally don’t start a bike company if you don’t! I also love getting my kids out and about on bikes. It’s almost a rite of passage in Australia for kids to spend their youth getting around by bike in their suburbs or at a caravan park over the christmas holidays. I get asked from time to time about kid’s bikes. This is certainly not my area of domain expertise but I …

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Sun Shades now Available

The last few months have been huge at Tribe Bikes HQ. Summer saw huge demand for our bikes and we’ve been working around the clock to fulfil our customer orders! As the weather heated up we started getting many requests from our customers to provide a way to keep kids (and dogs) cool and out of the hot sun. We experienced it ourselves and more than once had the kids complaining about hopping back into the …

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Our Buy Now Pay Later Partners

Our Chatbot Tribey (you might see him right now offering to help on the bottom right of the screen) has been hard at work answering our customer enquiries over the last 6 months or so. The number one question he is asked is “Do you take Afterpay?”. The answer to that one is unfortunately no, as Afterpay has a $1,500 transaction limit, which simply doesn’t work for our product. However, we have partnered with some …

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Launching the Tribe Bikes Front Door

We continue to be amazed at the varied uses our customers have been finding for our bikes. Originally launched as a bike to cart kids, we’ve had customers buy bikes to transport dogs, laundry, newspapers, elderly adults and special needs big kids. We’re loving the creative uses of these versatile bikes! We’re excited to launch an accessory to further make Tribe Bikes more versatile, the Front Door. The front door was originally requested by some early …

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Tribe Bikes featured on Newy with Kids blog

It was great to chat to the Newy With Kids blog recently about how Cargo Biking has changed our lives, and some of our favourite rides around our home town of Newcastle. Check out the full story here.

How safe is cargo biking with kids?

It’s a question we’ve been asked a few times now, so we thought it deserved some attention. How safe is it really to cargo bike with kids? It’s a reasonable question to ask. When you load your precious cargo into a vehicle that is not equipped with carseats, airbags, crumple zones, etc you can feel a little exposed, particularly as we have had the message of safety features of cars drilled in for our whole …

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Our afternoon video adventure

We had a day recently where after raining all afternoon, the weather finally cleared up for an afternoon adventure. We had 4 kids with energy to burn, so we got them to the beach and the park and had some fun rides in between. See a short clip of our adventure below.

Tribe Bikes Featured on NBN News

We had a blast filming a story with Newcastle’s NBN News recently. NBN were excited about what Tribe Bikes are offering to families to get them out and about in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. They asked us if we’d like to do a story on Tribe Bikes and of course we accepted the opportunity! The crew had a great time recording the story, with Jake the cameraman riding passenger in one of the …

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Testing Tribe’s Electric Assist on a Serious Hill

Since getting our Tribe Bikes we’ve had plenty of questions about the electric assist. In a previous post we covered how far the electric assist can get you. One of the other questions is how bigger/steeper hills can it get you up. No better way to answer that than give it a test, so we did! The results are below. For those who like to skip to the final page of the book, we made …

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