Understanding e-bike battery capacity

We’ve previously covered how to understand an e-bike’s power, where the preferred method of calculation is to use torque. However to get power, there’s a critical piece of the puzzle still to solve, that being the battery that supplies the power. Today we take a brief look at how to understand the battery capacity of an e-bike. How far will the battery get me? How long is a piece of string? One of the most …

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Our Cargo Bike Adventure at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

We recently loaded up the Tribe Bikes onto a trailer and went for a weekend adventure out to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, NSW. What a weekend! We were blessed with perfect weather and a zoo that is perfectly setup for cargo bikes. It’s reasonably flat, with nice open bike paths to get up close to all the animals. The highlights (according to the kids) were the Cheetah, the Giraffes, the Lions, the Tigers …

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How Cargo Bikes can revolutionise the school run

There’s no doubt about it, cargo bikes have revolutionised family outings for our family. On weekends the car is generally left at home, and a boring old outing to the park often turns into a half day family adventure of new routes and experiences. However, with a new routine in 2022: a child starting school, we didn’t envisage the utilitarian value of the bike being so valuable… having a cargo bike for school drop-off and …

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What’s the difference between power and torque on an e-bike?

When one ventures into the world of e-bikes, they venture into a world of terminology that is foreign to most. Watts, torque, amps, volts, amp hours, watt hours, etc. For someone who knows that their house runs on 240 volts and car runs on 12 volts and not much more, it can be daunting. Today we try to break this down and we’ll promise to keep the jargon as minimal as possible. Understanding power – …

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Tribe Original Electric Plus

A little harbour and beachside afternoon adventure

Sometimes those little unplanned adventures are the best type. Sure, many of life’s great memories include loads of planning: weddings, the birth of a child, moving into a new house, etc. But equally ingrained in memories may be that random night out you had with some people you met in a bar in Shibuya, that 4wd drive trip you took at the last minute through the deserts of Bolivia or those after work drinks that …

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Kidspot reviews the 2022 Tribe Bike

We were excited when Kidspot, Australia’s largest family focused website recently approached us to review the 2022 Tribe Bike. By all accounts they had a blast, with Jenna, the journalist leaving us with the following quote: For young, active families who love to get out and about, a Tribe bike might just be exactly what you need to take your adventuring to the next level. You can see the whole review here.

The 2022 Tribe Bike Colour Range

The 2022 Tribe Bike retains the signature 4 colour options of the previous model. With a high quality Marine Plywood and matt polyurethane finish, this year’s models colours really pop. Below we explore the 2022 colour range. Oak Our most popular colour in the previous model, we expect Oak to retain its status as the king of the colours this year! The natural colours of the Gaboon Marine Plywood, usually seen on high end boats …

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2022 model Tribe Bike available now. Learn more!

When we launched Tribe Bikes, we did so with the aim of providing Australia’s best value cargo bike. Since then we’ve become the cargo bike of choice for hundreds of Australian Families, saving thousands of car trips and making the mundane fun! Not to rest on our laurels, today we’re excited to be launching our brand new 2022 model. Completely redesigned, we’ve kept everything our customers already love but taken things up another notch. The …

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Choosing a kid’s seat for your bike

When you’re child has graduated from that ‘wrap in cotton wool‘ stage to those pre toddler ‘want to explore the world‘ stage there’s no better way to show them the world than by bike! This brings a challenge for many new parents, how to carry  your child by bike? Like buying your first pram, options are endless, and a wrong choice will have you dreading your decision. Below is our take on how to go …

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Understanding Australia’s e-bike laws

When does an e-bike become a motorbike? Well in Australia the laws are quite clear, although unlike mandatory helmet laws, are not well understood. Below we identify the rules that govern e-bikes in Australia. Why the need for e-bike laws? When motor vehicles were powered by engines and bikes were powered by pedal power, it was pretty easy to differentiate a bike from a car or motorbike. However, the advent of the the electric bike …

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