What’s the difference between Electric Assist and Electric Plus?

The Electric Assist and Electric Plus are equipped with two different style of motors: Electric Assist has a rear hub motor, meaning the motor is integrated into the back wheel. These motors are fantastic for their reliability and workhorse nature, however are considered ‘old’ technology. Electric Plus comes with an integrated mid drive motor. This is integrated into the bike’s bottom bracket and is a much more efficient motor. As a result it offers around …

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Are the bikes waterproof?

From time to time you might get caught out and get stuck in a shower. Our bikes are made from marine grade plywood and can handle light showers. The box is also finished in water resistant polyurethane coating. whilst it has a waterproof coating, it is not designed to handle heavy, consistent rain. The bike and many of its components are made of steel, and whilst light showers aren’t an issue, we don’t recommend it …

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Will the bike tip over going around corners?

If you ride any 3 wheel bike fast enough around a corner they will tip over, as the bikes don’t tilt like a 2 wheel bike does. However, we’re yet to feel like we’ve gotten close to tipping our Tribe Bikes. Take corners easy and you’ll stay upright. Tribe Bikes are also fitted with a tilting mechanism to tilt the bike as you turn and help you better balance around corners.

Can big kids ride in the cart?

Yes. Plenty of Tribe owners use their bikes to take their kids to school. As long as the total weight in the cart is less than 100kg your big kids can ride up front too.

Are electric bikes safe?

If like us you rode one of the early electric bikes, with dodgy torque sensors or electric throttles, you might feel a bit uneasy about an electric bike. The good news is the technology over the last few years has come a long way, and the electric assist on a Tribe Bike feels perfectly safe. It is also limited to 25kmh to meet Australian standards.

How much weight can the cargo box carry?

The cargo box is rated to carry up to 100kg. If carrying heavy loads we recommend placing the weight as close to the handlebars as possible, to make the bike easier to handle.

How does the motor work?

A torque sensor on the pedals like magic knows how hard you are pedalling and provides a message to the motor in the rear wheel hub to give a ‘push’ when needed.

Can my dog ride in my cargo box?

Yes. We are constantly surprised at how many dogs we see riding in cargo bikes. They love it almost as much as kids do. If you have large dogs you can remove or fold up the front bench to give them plenty of space. We sell a dog ring in our store, giving you somewhere inside the cargo box to secure your dog leash and a front door to make it easier to get dogs …

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Can an adult ride in the cargo box?

If the are under 100kg in weight, sure! Try a date night on your cargo bike, it’s great fun! We recommed adults sit on the bench closest to the handlebars to make the bike easier to handle.

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